When a family loses a loved one, it can be an incredibly challenging experience. Not just emotionally but financially as well. Many families are often left in a lurch, not knowing for certain what plans their loved one had for the finances and non-monetary possessions they have left behind. If a Will is found, there may be uncertainty about the validity of the document.

Probate is the process of determining the authenticity of a Last Will and Testament. In this process, your lawyers will examine the contents of the Will and determine:

· The true net worth of the deceased individual.

· What taxes or expenses need to be paid.

· How the terms of the will need to be executed and by whom.

· Fair distribution of the deceased person’s assets to the intended beneficiaries.

How is the probate process done?

In Alberta, Canada, the Probate is a 4-step process:

· You start by gathering all of the important financial and legal documents of the deceased individual.

· You apply for the Probate by following the steps as instructed by your lawyer.

· If there are any problems with the documents, you will be asked to revise them and re-apply for the Probate.

· You will need to apply for and get the Clearance Certificate, if necessary, by the CRA.

· Once everything is in order, the Will is going to be executed.

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