You may have created your Last Will and Testament, years ago. But as your personal circumstances change with time, you may find yourself needing or wanting to change the terms of your will.

Instead of completely nullifying the existing will and rewriting a new one, you can instead choose to modify and alter the existing will. This variation of the existing will is called a Codicil.

The Codicil is made in the form of a supplement to the old will, with the revised terms. Today, codicils are not as frequently made because of the presence of online tools that allow you to create a completely new will in minutes.

But, codicils are still used and valid in Alberta, Canada and can be used to make changes such as:

· Nominating different beneficiaries.

· Assigning a new will executor.

· Adding, removing or altering the gifts given to each beneficiary.

· Revising the terms of guardianship for minor children or loved ones in ill health.

If you need help making a codicil of your Last Will and Testament, please consult our lawyers at Worobec Law Offices. We have immense experience helping our clients make Wills and Codicils.