Wills and Estates

There is no time more critical to have a lawyer who truly listens to what you are saying than when that lawyer is assisting in planning your estate and preparing your will.  Will and estate planning is deeply personal and often emotional, and each situation is unique and at times can be complicated.

A well-drafted will is likely the most valuable financial planning tool you should have.  Without a will, the laws of Alberta set out rules to determine who can end up in charge of your estate and how it can be distributed.  Often, having to follow these rules leads to unexpected and possibly undesirable results.  However, a poorly drafted will can often lead to results worse than having no will at all.

You can count on the experienced, compassionate lawyers at Worobec Law Offices to listen intently to clearly understand your wishes when assisting you in your estate planning and in drafting a will that accurately sets out your wishes, in order to achieve your desired results in the distribution of your estate.

R. Alexander Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy was born in Edmonton and lived in the Edmonton area for most of his life.  Alex holds bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Education from the University of Alberta. 

Beverly Duong

Beverly was born and raised in Edmonton and received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alberta. Her legal career began in 2013 and she started to develop her

Ashly Betteridge

Legal Assistant.