Our lawyers are able to advise clients on a variety of different business matters.  We will draft contracts custom tailored to our client’s specific needs and unique circumstances or review contracts brought to us by our clients.

When drafting documents, our lawyers strive to use clear language and avoid “legalese” to reduce ambiguity and reduce any chance of litigation in the future.  When presented with documents that they have not drafted, our lawyers will meticulously review them with our clients prior to signing to ensure all the terms and conditions are what the client agreed to and that our client’s interests are properly protected.

We are also able to assist clients in determining the proper legal structure for their business to protect their interests and meet their needs without unreasonably complicating matters.  We can provide information and advice on a variety of business structures including Sole Proprietorships, Private Corporations and Professional Corporations, different forms of Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations and Societies.

We also assist clients in ensuring that regulatory compliance requirements of their business entities are met in an efficient and timely manner.  This can include the completion and filing of Articles of Incorporation and Annual Corporate Returns, updating Minute Books, drafting Shareholder and Directors motions and proper preparation of Notices for and Minutes of General and Special Meetings for companies and boards.

Small business is the engine that drives Alberta’s economy, and the lawyers at Worobec Law Offices understand the needs of small business owners and are proud to provide legal services designed to serve them and contribute to their success.

Greg Worobec

Greg was born in Mayo, Yukon Territory and after living in Edmonton for a short period moved with his family to Sherwood Park in 1971.  He graduated from Salisbury Composite

R. Alexander Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy was born in Edmonton and lived in the Edmonton area for most of his life.  Alex holds bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology and Education from the University of Alberta. 

Ashly Betteridge

Legal Assistant.