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Worobec Law Offices was founded in 2004, beginning as a “boutique” law firm focused on Criminal Defence Law. Worobec Law Offices has grown over the years to become a full service law firm with seven lawyers practicing in a wide variety of areas, including Family Law, Wills & Estates, Real Estate, Corporate-Commercial matters and Civil Litigation and of course Criminal Defence Law.



The firm is headed by Greg Worobec, who in addition to his 26 years as a lawyer also brings experience gained from prior careers including banking and owning and operating businesses in the oilfield trucking industry, retail sales and accounting. Similarly, each of the lawyers at Worobec Law Offices brings a wealth of real-life experience from previous career pursuits which when combined with their legal experience ensures clients receive the best advice possible.



Knowledge of the law is essential for any lawyer, and the lawyers at Worobec Law Offices KNOW THE LAW. In addition, their unique experience in prior careers has provided our lawyers “real world” knowledge, which is in turn provided to their clients and regularly shared with other members of the firm. This combination of solid legal knowledge with “real world” knowledge provides not only a benefit to each of the lawyer’s individual clients but also to lawyers and clients of the firm as a whole.


Common Sense

As Voltaire suggests, common sense is not so common. While this may be true of the way in which some institutions appear to function, it is not the case at Worobec Law Offices. Each of the lawyers are dedicated to achieving results in a practical, cost-efficient manner, and in order to do so they employ their own common sense, not just their legal knowledge, to solving the particular issue that their clients faces.



It doesn’t matter much if you have the greatest idea in the world if you are not able to present it in an understandable fashion to your audience. This is especially true in law, where knowing the law, applying it to the facts and leading your audience to the conclusion you want them to draw is vital. The lawyers at Worobec Law Offices have a reputation for clear, succinct and decisive advocacy whether before courts, tribunals or negotiating with other lawyers.



Great results don’t just happen – they are made to happen. Great legal results are made to happen by experienced, knowledgeable lawyers. For the best possible result for your legal issues, trust the experience, knowledge, common sense and advocacy skills of the lawyers at Worobec Law Offices.


What does “Full Service” mean?

Modern society is complex, and so are the laws which govern it. When we say Worobec Law Offices is a full service law firm, that doesn’t mean we have lawyers each claiming they can assist clients in any and all areas of the law. The lawyers at Worobec Law Offices deal with specific practice areas, so clients can be assured that their lawyer has a thorough knowledge of the law in the area in which that lawyer practices. In addition to this, Worobec Law Office clients also get the benefit of “one-stop shopping” when they have multiple legal issues that need to be dealt with, making communications and strategic planning easier and much more efficient than having to deal with separate lawyers in separate locations. This is what sets Worobec Law Offices apart.

Clients Say

  • My husband and I worked with Beverly Duong to sell our condo - she was very knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend her services - she is very personable, professional, and made the process extremely smooth for us.

    Janice DG Avatar Janice DG
    13 June 2023

    i cant thank enough to BeverlyDuong for great service and assistance to stand by my side into process my legal documents & stuff…she was professional, helpful with heart of good lawyer, fair value, and beyond excellence… I will recommend this law office for realstate, notary and etc… i will keep them as my personal lawfirm in sherwood park i will rate them more than 5 star in service,responsiveness and accuracy…

    L D Avatar L D
    19 March 2022

    I and my husband are buying our very first home, and Beverly has been amazing to make this whole process much easier for us newbies. She was super fast in responsding to our questions and even gave out lots of useful advices. We are very grateful to have her as our lawyer. Thank you Bev, we will definitely recommend you to anyone we know.

    Lillian Ng Avatar Lillian Ng
    16 June 2022
  • We couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Greg Worobec. If you’re looking for an experienced lawyer who truly cares about his clients then Worobec Law is for you. Thank you again Greg!

    Dave Avatar Dave
    14 January 2023

    I am writing this review today to let others know just how great Jeremiah winters was. From the start he was honest and straight forward, told me how it was and what to expect from the potential outcome of my case. He was very thorough in explaining all the details to me, ima way that I could understand. I am beyond happy with the final outcome of my case, and can’t express my gratitude to Jeremy for all his hard work ! Highly recommend to anyone in need of some help, and searching for a good lawyer. Thanks again Jeremy, and the team at Worobec Law !!

    Carlin Boxall Avatar Carlin Boxall
    7 July 2021

    Beverly Duong is amazing! Professional and knowledgeable in helping my husband and I with the purchase of our first home.

    Emma Marie Avatar Emma Marie
    15 March 2023
  • Beverley helped my husband and I with the purchase of our second home in Edmonton and she made the process efficiently on our case as I am not in Edmonton yet. She responded to any our questions along the way. Thank you Beverley! We definitely recommend her services!

    Nguyen Penny Avatar Nguyen Penny
    28 July 2022

    Highly recommend this company - especially Beverly Duong, who helped us sell our property. She's efficient, quick, clear, and friendly - all in all, professional and all you can ask for in a lawyer.

    Samuel Lim Avatar Samuel Lim
    7 July 2023

    Beverly Duong helped me in getting condominium docs reviewed and registering/transferring the apartment to my name. I did a private purchase and was a bit worried, initially, as I had no realtor to help me out but Beverly just made it simple, seamless and easy. She explained on every step and guided me through the FTHB program as well. She is fantastic and I would blindly recommend her to anyone. Thanks again, Beverly. You are the best! 🥇

    Kunal Guglani Avatar Kunal Guglani
    3 August 2021
  • Greg is very professional in approach and has team of intelligent lawyers. I and my friends have very good experience in seeking assistance from him. His knowledge of criminal law is very vast and wide experience is very helpful in court of law. Thanks Greg for great help.

    anil prashar Avatar anil prashar
    18 December 2020

    Beverly Duong assisted me in the buy and sell of my property. I was very impressed with her friendly manner and accessibility. She is efficient and smart in all aspects of the law. I highly reccommend her.

    Cat Mack Avatar Cat Mack
    29 April 2023

    R.Alexander Kennedy a big thank you for helping us. Truly it is a good feeling that our voice is being heard. I do acknowledged your diligent and passion in your profession. Reynald and I are so grateful thank you to you Alex and Worobec Law, we are so greatful xxx

    Marianne Colina Avatar Marianne Colina
    13 June 2023
  • Beverly service was outstanding. She was great help in the real estate aspect for legal advice, knowledge and providing assistance. I highly recommended if your looking for real estate lawyer!

    Sam Avatar Sam
    23 March 2022

    I had a few lawyers in the beginning because of staff turnover, but it was always seamless. The file was managed in a cost-effective way that minimized back and forth. Clear expectations were set out by both myself and Orlando Munoz. I appreciate his advice and good counsel. The office communicates clearly and keeps you up to date with what is needed and how things are progressing. They respectfully present your options and are willing to represent you in the way you request without dragging things out. I was very impressed with the manner in which things were handled. They used video technology when possible to save me the long drive since I moved out of the area mid-case. 10/10 would recommend Orlando Munoz and Worobec Law Offices.

    sonya clark Avatar sonya clark
    16 November 2021

    Greg has been of great help to us. i would like to recommend him to anyone seeking assistance. Thank you

    richard prashad Avatar richard prashad
    20 November 2020

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